TOUR 2: Diemen-Noord

About 6km.

Asphalt Rating
8-9 Some of the best asphalt I've tasted, luckely not literally:-) !

A nice route to skate out of town.

Getting There
Follow the Kruislaan from the Middenweg past the Jaap Eden Baan until you come up to a dike (near the University/Matrix Building). Behind it is a canal. Turn up the small road to the right keeping the canal on your left. This is where the route starts.

The Route
Skate along the canal (direction Diemen). At a camper site turn left and cross a bridge.Turn right following the Amsterdam-Rijn Kanaal. Keep going straight, the A-R kanal on your left. The beginning has some "verkeersdrempels" but soon you'll find a very smooth stretch of new asphalt. This will go along (still the A-R Kanal on your left) for a few kilometres. After 3 km the asphalt will stop and the road gets rough (klinkers). Take the asphalt road turning right ("met de weg mee") and go all the way passing the Meubel Boulevard to the Provinciale Weg (that leads through Driemond and Weesp to Bussum).

When skating to Driemond (take the right side of the Weesper Trekvaart; the left side has very rough asphalt) you can link to Jan Barendregt's "Gooi B Tour"

Last modified: July 6, 1997 15:00