This page is reserved for some fun stuff: animations, videos, photo's, cartoons etc.



As one of my first Java exercises I have programmed an Applet that animates images and plays sounds. This animation used to be on the frontpage of the ASHP (until it began annoying people ;-)).

More Animations

As my second Java programming exercise I've made a generic animation engine through which you can supply a series of images that are played. See the generic image player Applet here. This is an experimental version. There's some skeeler movies in it (WorldChampion demonstrating double push).

Skeeler Slide Shows

Through software I develop within the CowCatcher Collective, a series of images can be automatically turned into an HTML slide show.
Click here to browse the slides

More Pictures

Below's a picture by Sandra "sanfra" at the entre-skate "Thelma and Louise" at the "Bollentocht" (02.05.99; Vogelenzang-Wassenaar and back)


From left to right: Wijnand, Hans, Sandra "Offline", Just (in front), Johan, Tineke.