TOUR 1: Amsterdam to Ouderkerk and Back

about 11 km

Asphalt Rating
5-9 (along Amstel sometimes rough; very good near Ouderkerker Plas)

many cyclists on sunny sundays along Amstel !

The Route
Coming from Rijnstraat (start/end of tram 25), go south, crossing the President Kennedylaan over the Utrechtse Brug (keep right side). Follow the cycle path (tegels!) going downhill and taking a right turn at the same time ( be careful out here! ) until the Amstel River is reached. Take the road to the left (the Amstel is on your right).

Keep following this road all the way to Ouderkerk. First 200 meter the road is stones, but then asphalt starts. In principle this road is closed for cars except local traffic.

When meeting the traffic lights in Ouderkerk (at bridge over Amstel; Burg. Straman Weg) you can turn left to proceed to the
Ouderkerker Plas or return to Amsterdam (total 11 km).

When proceeding to the Ouderkerker Plas just go straight along the bicycle path at the left of the Straman Weg until a tunnel (fietstunneltje) takes you to the other side of the road.

Coming out of the tunnel take the long and straight country road that leaves the Straman weg (very very smooth asphalt !!). The Ouderkerker Plas area starts when this road ends on a dike. Turn left and follow this road. It will turn right and soon you will see the parking lot where you can make your rounds. See also here.

Instead of taking the tunnel, I once managed to get to the Amsterdam Arena by crossing the A2 highway but it was a bit of a hassle (skreetch ! sand!).

Last modified: July 9, 1997 21:00