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 Welcome to the Amsterdam Skeeler Home Page.
A skeeler is the Dutch word for an inline speed-skate. These pages provide information for skeelerers in the Amsterdam area and for anyone interested. In particular you can find here where to skeeler, news, event info, chat, and much more.

Notice: this site ran from 1996-2005 and is no longer maintained but kept for nostalgic reasons.

GeoSkating - Automatic Skate Maps

GeoSkating is a project that aims to draw skate-routes automatically through a mobile phone with GPS. In addition generated skate-maps are interactive, showing pictures and video captured along the way. Skaters may be seen moving on the map. See

11 Steden on Skeelers

Yes we did it! Around Friesland, 240 km on wheels in 3 days. In 2004 and 2005. Tough but very rewarding. In 2005 we were seen moving live on the map on You can explore the 11-steden track, video's and pictures through an interactive map

[11 Steden 2005]

[11 Steden 2004]

See also pictures by Kevin Barnard of the 11-steden 2000-edition.

More Albums

From the GeoSkating era.

  1. North-Holland Tour 2006
  2. GeoSkating People
  3. GeoSkating Scenery


In 1996 we started actively. Below the first captured media.

[Amsterdam Skeelerers in august 1997 - Flash Video]

Summer Evening Skate (SES)

Together with fellow skaters I organize the Summer Evening Skate (SES), a weekly distance nite skate during july/august. (Note: this event was last held in 2002).

Above some pictures of the SES2000-VIII on august 23, 2000. Btw that is me in the rear on the right picture. See a full slide show of all pictures here. (if your browser doesn't support JavaScript try here)

Skeeler Mailing List (SML)

Through this site I am also facilitating the only Dutch Skeeler Mailing List. There are more than 100 members on the list. Hear all about the latest events, how-to's etc. Join today !

The skeeler mailing list is hosted at You can subscribe there or simply using the form below.

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Your contributions on spots to skeeler or other related info  are warmly welcomed. Take for example a look at a contribution from Wijnand Heitmans, who describes in great detail the bird life along the Waterland-East tour. If you have ideas for, comments on, (browser) problems with these pages don't hesitate to drop me a line.

I maintain these pages in English since Amsterdam has many skeelering tourists as well. One Canadian wrote me that he did the tour Amsterdam-Ouderkerk by night because of his jet-lag !

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