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Amsterdam Online Skeeler Chat

What is it ?

 The Amsterdam Skeeler Web Chat allows you to have an online chat with other skeelerers (or anyone else who happens to join this channel). This is an experiment. After this box was online for one minute already some folks showed up. Not all of them skeelerers, so be aware. If things go bad I can always make the channel private for a select group...

How to join the Chat

 When you click the button below a new window will open where the "chatbox" will be started. This may take some time, so be patient... After that you can connect with your (real) name and email adress.



 This application should work with IE3 or Netscape 3+4. Other browsers (or versions) may see problems starting the chat window. Try to click here; this may help. More info about this application: see the the Chat Planet.

 Just van den Broecke - "Amsterdam Skeeler WebChatMaster" - June 9, 1997