The following are regular skeeler and skate events in/near Amsterdam for 2002. See the news section for latest updates. Also check out the Skeeler Bond Nederland (SBN) pages for inline speed-skating races and tours in The Netherlands.

Summer Evening Skate (SES)

The Summer Evening Skate is the second-oldest Dutch nite-skate (after the Amsterdam Friday Night Skate). Starting in 1996, we have skated for six years on tuesday nights during july/august in Spaarnwoude. In 2002 we will do things different, so read on.

2002: SES-on-Tour

This year (2002) we decided it was time for something else: the SES-on-Tour. The basic ideas of the SES-on-Tour (pronounce "Saison Tour") are:

  • make a tour each tuesday night in july/august and and the first weeks of september (19:15-22:00)

  • the tour starts each week from a different place around Amsterdam

  • place and route will be announced through this site and the Dutch Skeeler Mailing List

  • distance of each tour will be about 30-35 km in about 2 hours including pauses

  • small-scale for experienced skaters/skeelerers

  • first tour starts july 2, 2002

Most of the locations that we will start are described here.

Click here for all details of the SES-on-Tour 2002

Further announcements are also posted through the Dutch Skeeler Mailing List.


1996-2001 What was it like ?

In 1997 we started making reports. See the links below to get an idea how it was like in 1997, 1998, 1999 2000 and 2001(all in Dutch).

SES2000-VIII on august 22, 2000 - pictures by Bart de Wolf

See a full slide show of all pictures here. (if your browser doesn't support JavaScript try here)

Friday Night Skate (FNS)

The biggest event (hundreds of skaters) in Amsterdam is the Friday Night Skate (FNS). It is a weekly tour through Amsterdam starting in the Vondelpark.

Initiated in 1997 by Alice Gee, Chris Zaal and Yuri, this weekly event has attracted thousands of skaters since. The number of participants is growing each week. The organization expects over a thousand skaters on a single evening somewhere this year. Look for all details at the FNS website. There is also a mailing list related to the FNS. maintained by Pieter Bison. Look at the latest FNS news.