Skeeler Mailing List

Since 1997 I maintain the Amsterdam Skeeler Mailing list. With over 130 members this list has grown to be the only Dutch Skeeler Mailing list. Language is Dutch. This list was hosted by and does not exist anymore...

What is this list about ?

On this list you can discuss any issues related to skeelering in the Netherlands, for example:

  • hey, I skeelered on the blabla-road. Great asphalt (rating 9).
  • hey, I skeelered on the blablabla-road. It was $%#!@#.
  • how can I clean my bearings (lagers) ?
  • who wants to skeeler tomorrow in .... ? what about the "klapskeeler" ?
  • where should I buy my skeelers ? why do I have pain in my back ?
  • how do you recognize skeeler addiction ? (A: when you start mailing lists about them)

For whom is this list ?

The list is geared mainly to long distance skeelerers/inline-skaters around Amsterdam, but is open to anyone interested.