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With a group of die-hard skaters I am constantly exploring the areas around Amsterdam for skeeler opportunities. The results are gathered here. These places are selected by two main criteria: 1. asphalt quality and 2. traffic conditions. Offcourse these will be subjective criteria. We are working on a rating system. A first proposal for “asphalt rating” can be found here.

You can click on the buttons within the map  to jump to spots maybe just near your home. The green buttons denote Rinks the blue ones are long-distance tours. You can also use the direct links for tours and rinks below. In addition (not indicated on map) there's a series of exit-routes out of town described by Alice Gee. This is really worthwhile when you live in (or visit) the city. Some of these lead to the starting points of the above tours.


The following tours have been described.

  1. Ouderkerk
  2. Diemen
  3. Waterland-Oost
  4. Spaarnwoude
  5. Gooi
  6. Gooimeer
  7. Houtrak
  8. WijdeWormer
  9. AlmereKromslootpark
  10. GaasperzoomGein
  11. DiemenGein
  12. RondeHoep


This is what I found so far. If you know of other spots let me know

.R1: The Makro Parking Lot

 Unfortunately the Makro has introduced shopping nights (koopavond). Best to check out on sundays.

Condition: A very large stretch of smooth asphalt.

 How to get there: Adress: De Flinessetraat, Amsterdam ZO. From Amstelstation head South-East over the Overzichtweg. Turn right under the railway track towards the Spaklerweg; turn left and drive through to the van der Madeweg; turn right and after 150 meter turn left

.R2: Amsterdam Arena Parking Lot

 This is the parking lot of the new Ajax Stadium.

Condition: Smooth, but the turns are somewhat uneven. Watch out for some of the sewers (putten). Hope you recover soon Harry.

How to get there: Hard to miss. Get to the Makro (see above) first. See the stadium lying in the south. Follow the Spakler weg. The parking lot is right (to the west) of the stadium near the Borchland tennis hall.

R3: Ouderkerker Plas

Condition: Very smooth. Possibilities for making rounds or longer routes. One of the best spots near Amsterdam. The parking lot has a nice oval shape of approx. 400 meters. The turns are a little tighter than a normal 400m ice long track oval.

How to get there: From Ouderkerk panes will show the way. The location is near the crossing of the A2 and the road from Ouderkerk towards the A2 (on your left coming from Ouderkerk). Probably best time to go is at evenings. Can be crowded on sun(ny) days.

 You can combine this spot with Tour 1 - Amsterdam to Ouderkerk and Back.

R4: Western Harbour Area

 Not yet checked...See "Skeeleren in A'dam" by E. de Haas

R5: Jaap Eden Baan

Condition: Extremely good.  The asphalt has been renovated starting at the 2000 season. There are two rinks: a 400 meter inner rink (the ice rink in winter) which is smooth plus an outer rink (about 700 meter) of even better quality. Note: please check with the Jaap Edenbaan or Duo Sport for exact opening times. Currently (26.04.2000) these is no entrance fee. Skeeler/Skate Lessons by Duo Sport are also held here (these used to be at R2).

How to get there: Address: Radioweg 64, Amsterdam.
 By tram: tram 9 from Central Station. Exit station is Middenweg/Kruislaan.